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LinkedIn ridisegnato per essere un po' più come Facebook

Silvio Gulizia
Silvio Gulizia
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LinkedIn ridisegnato per essere un po' più come Facebook

Ecco la nuova grafica di LinkedIn:

Napier Lopez riassume così su The Next Web le novità:

  • Large icons at the top of the site for easier navigation.
  • Facebook-like chat windows that are persistent no matter where you are on linked in.
  • LinkedIn will encourage conversations on its site by suggesting people to chat with if you have a connection at a company.
  • The feed has been fine-tuned with a combination of algorithm and humans. The company promises new ways for reading about specific topics you care about too.
  • A single universal search bar for everything across the site (as opposed to a different one for each section).
  • Insights on who’s reading the content you share.
  • More suggestions on how to tidy up your profile.

Praticamente, LinkedIn vuole assomigliare a Facebook per cercare di tenerci dentro di più. E se, con tutto il rumore che c’è su Facebook, LinkedIn fosse davvero meglio di Facebook?

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