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Carta, penna e una bella storia

Silvio Gulizia
Silvio Gulizia
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Carta e penna sono il miglior strumento per la produttività secondo questo sondaggio condotto fra 61 esperti di produttività. Al secondo posto c’è Evernote e al terzo lo smartphone.

E poi c’è questa bella storia.

You wake up in the middle of the night.

It’s dark and your eyes are barely opened, but you realize you are not alone… at first you start to freak out. Are all those zombie movies actually true? Is Mr. Al Gebra, your 2nd grade math teacher, coming to haunt you for cheating on that test all those years ago?

Whoever it is, it’s coming closer… and closer… and closer… you start to recognize the face. It’s your Fairy Productivity Godmother!

Fairy Productivity Godmother?

Is this a dream? Possibly.

She stands in front of you and with a little bit of worry on her face says: “I’ve been watching over you for a while… you’ve grown so much. You are so productive, focused and you are getting things done (David Allen told me to say this joke). But, I’ve also noticed that you are starting to get overwhelmed by too many gadgets, gizmos, tools and apps. They are only going to slow you down, your productivity will suffer and I had to intervene. I know it might not sounds like it, but I’m doing you a favor. I am going to let you choose 3, and only 3, productivity tools to keep and I’m going to make the rest disappear – like fairy dust. Which 3 tools do you choose?”

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